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2017-12-14 / Police Blotter

Person in Grinch costume kicked out of Tim Hortons

Monday, Dec. 4

• A caller alerted police that a woman at Walmart threatened a manager and left the building. Police located her and pulled her over on Walden Avenue. They discovered there was an issue with her banking at Walmart because she did not have an ID with her. She was advised to take the matter up with corporate.

• Police were alerted that a vehicle on Union Road had been parked there for months. The caller was told it would be moved in two days, but it is still there. Police advised the owner that the vehicle would be towed the next day if it was not moved out of the street.

• An anonymous neighbor reported an ongoing problem with a stereo playing in another residence on Gardenvillage Drive. Upon arrival by authorities, there was no music. A small child was heard playing inside the apartment. Police spoke with the resident, who stated the volume was at a reasonable level when the stereo was turned on, and the subwoofer had not been attached. The neighbor was advised to follow up with the property manager.

Total Calls Received: 147

Tuesday, Dec. 5

• A Eggert Road caller told police her neighbor threatened to “blow her away.” The neighbor who made the alleged threat to the caller is a corrections officer. Both were advised to stay away from each other.

• A Ridge Park Avenue landlord cut the power to the tenant’s kitchen after eviction court earlier in the day didn’t go in favor of the landlord. The landlord had locked the basement so the tenant can’t access the power panel. The tenant was advised to follow up with the town and call the police back if the power was not restored in the morning.

• A man in his 20s was spotted wandering aimlessly on Northern Parkway. The caller stated it could be a possible drug deal, after seeing a car meet the man and take off. When authorities arrived, the man could not be found.

Total Calls Received: 164

Wednesday, Dec. 6

• Police received a call about a black man dressed in Army fatigues, saying he’s a Vietnam veteran, begging for money inside a Noco. He was advised and sent on his way.

• A suspicious person on Kensington Avenue was reported in all dark clothing. The customer who reported the suspicious man, said the person continued pacing in front of the store, maybe “casing the place.” Police went to the location, and the man was advised and sent on his way.

Total Calls Received: 168

Thursday, Dec. 7

• A suspicious man was reportedly hanging around Innsbruck Drive. Police checked out the man and discovered he was just waiting for his Uber ride.

• Police advised a resident on Atwood Place to turn down some music. The caller who reported the resident, said music had been playing all day, and now his kids can’t sleep.

• A man on Winkler Road called police, stating that his wife wouldn’t let him in the car. Police went to the man who was assisted.

Total Calls Received: 137

Friday, Dec. 8

• A caller informed police that a dog on Autumnwood Drive was left outside for two hours. The owner said the dog refused to come to the door. The dog was then brought inside and all were advised.

• Police were called after a man tried to bribe a cab driver with marijuana as payment. The man was not located when police arrived. The caller also could not ID the man, so the police were unable to follow up on the matter.

• An anonymous neighbor heard stomping and yelling from an apartment on Edgebrook. Police went to the apartment and discovered the noise was from a 4-year-old jumping around. All were advised.

Total Calls Received: 140

Saturday, Dec. 9

• A suspicious person with a vehicle was reported on Butternut Road, driving back and forth on the street. Police located the person who was reported, and the Pokemon player was advised.

• A person on a bicycle drove right in front of a patrol unit on Linda Drive. The bicyclist was advised.

• A suspicious person was reported trying to steal scrap metal out of a Dumpster on Walden Avenue. The person was not located when police arrived. The Dumpster will be moved, and a camera will be installed.

• A man on Genesee Street was reported to be “on something,” and wanting to fight anyone who comes near him. The caller lost sight of the man, and it was unknown if he was still in the area, or if he walked away. Police checked the area and could not find him. Authorities advised all to call if the man comes back.

Total Calls Received: 130

Sunday, Dec. 10

• A person in a Grinch outfit was kicked out of a Tim Hortons on French Road twice. Police were called to the location when the person remained in the parking lot after the second time. When police arrived, the Grinch was nowhere to be found. The caller was then satisfied.

• Police were called after a Chinese man had been at a Kwik Fill on Walden Avenue for a half-hour and would not leave. The man was advised and left after police arrived. Authorities reported a language barrier, being the reason.

• A woman called the police after she parked in a reserved parking space on Slate Creek Drive. Her neighbor blocked her in so she could not leave, and refused to move the vehicle. When police arrived, all parties were separated, and the neighbor moved her vehicle.

Total Calls Received: 135

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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