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2017-06-29 / Police Blotter

Dead woodchuck tossed in front of Atlantic Avenue residence

Monday, June 19

• Management at a Dick Road property called police after people in the pool area were letting outsiders into the pool. One person was arrested for false personation, and 15 people were ejected from the property.

• An employee of a Transit Road business was arrested on a charge of larceny after allegedly being caught stealing from the cash register.

• An Atlantic Avenue caller told police that two men, one carrying a long gun and one carrying a sack, were walking in the area. Both parties were located, advised and complied.

Total Calls Received: 176

Tuesday, June 20

• A Genesee Street resident told police her upstairs neighbor took items from her, destroyed her washer and had been banging on her windows threatening to call the police. A police report was filed for criminal mischief, and the caller was advised.

• A Campbell Road caller told police that three children were pushing bicycles down the street, and the complainant felt the kids were “doing naughty stuff.” Police checked the area but did not locate the children.

Total Calls Received: 157

Wednesday, June 21

• A Gualbert Avenue caller told police that while he was mowing his mother’s lawn, the neighbor got upset that he came onto her property. Police said the problem was solved, at least for the day.

• A Montfort Drive resident reported that all the plants in the garden had been damaged. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 161

Thursday, June 22

• A person at a Dick Road gym called police after finding an ammunition box in the gym. Police said the box contained a kettle bell.

• Someone stole all four tires from a Central Boulevard resident’s car overnight. A police report was filed.

• A Beryl Drive resident called police after apparently losing $10,000 through a computer scam. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 188

Friday, June 23

• A Williamstowne Apartments resident called police to complain about loud music. Police said there was no cause, noting that “birds outside [were] making more noise than anything else.”

• An Ivanhoe Road resident told police that children from a neighboring house left a bicycle kickstand in her yard. She said she didn’t need police but wanted to report it.

• An Atlantic Avenue resident told police someone driving a pickup toward Lovejoy Street threw a bag containing a dead woodchuck in front of the caller’s house. The Sloan Highway Department was notified.

Total Calls Received: 156

Saturday, June 24

• There was a stump burning in the backyard of a Topaz Drive residence. Police said no one was home, and a garden hose was used to extinguish the fire.

Total Calls Received: 158

Sunday, June 25

• An East Grand Boulevard woman told police a neighbor stacked garbage against her house in an attempt to block her security cameras. The man also called police and said the woman was taking pictures of his garbage cans and harassing him. Both parties were strongly advised

Total Calls Received: 129

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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