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2017-10-19 / Police Blotter

Man dressed all in white makes off with bath soap

Monday, Oct. 9

• An Arthur Street complainant said a female employee of a nearby restaurant was setting off her car alarm on purpose to wake up a tenant in one of the apartments. The complainant said it has happened four times in the past week. The employee told police she sets off the alarm because the tenant is another employee who is always late to work. Police told her to stop it.

• A resident of North Pleasant Parkway found an arrow on the lawn and thinks someone shot it at the house. The arrow, which was disposed of, is thought to have come from Colton Street.

• A man pulled into a Walden Avenue parking lot next to the complainant’s vehicle and made movements that caused the complainant to believe the man was exposing himself. However, no lewd act was actually seen.

• A shoplifter took two pairs of sunglasses, valued at $500, from a store in the Galleria. The perpetrator was last seen going toward Macy’s.

Total Calls Received: 150

Tuesday, Oct. 10

• Police took a hang-up call from Garden Village Drive and on the callback could hear a woman yelling, “Give me my pills.” All was in order. A sick mother was taking medication.

• An anonymous complainant on Beach Road reported that a neighbor’s generator was too close to her residence and fumes are getting into her home. All were advised.

• During the weekend, someone fired two shots into the cab of a CSX crane parked in a lot on Kennedy Road.

• A woman on William Street said a neighbor was taking her clothes off in front of the house and taunting the complainant with vulgarities. Police said it was an ongoing neighbor dispute and there was no exposure.

• An approximately 20-year-old man, dressed all in white, stole bath soap from a store on Genesee Street. He left in a black Volvo and was last seen on Bell Road.

Total Calls Received: 167

Wednesday, Oct. 11

• A short male in his 30s, dressed in business casual, tried to deliver a package to a woman on East Rouen Drive and told her, “Don’t worry, I won’t shoot.” He left in a burgundy minivan.

• A rabbit was caught in a fence on Louis Street, and the complainant was afraid to remove it. Police dislodged the rabbit and contacted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

• A woman reported that her purse was stolen from the lobby of a Genesee Street hotel. A report was filed for grand larceny.

Total Calls Received: 171

Thursday, Oct. 12

• A youth made threats to bring a gun to a Union Road school, according to a complaint by the vice principal. The mother kept the child at home. Police will follow up on the situation.

• A complainant on Gualbert Avenue said a black male in his 20s, wearing a blue jacket and blue pants, was walking in and out of yards.

• A man and woman reportedly got into the back seat of a vehicle at the dead end of Charles Street, and the complainant said the car was bouncing up and down. The caller said the man then got out of the car naked and began putting his clothes on in the street.

Total Calls Received: 173

Friday, Oct. 13

• On French Road, a woman said a neighbor was prank calling her because of a dispute over neighborhood cats. She thinks the caller is jealous because the cats like her better. Police said the complainant is the problem and advised her to say away from the neighbors’ property and stop feeding their cats.

• A victim on Cypress Road gave her information to someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House, and then someone attempted to open an account in her name at M&T Bank.

• A group of youths at a corner house on Wellworth Place were reportedly swearing at passing motorists. The caller thinks they might be under the influence of something. The group was gone on police arrival.

Total Calls Received: 187

Saturday, Oct. 14

• A caller reported that he needs to see an officer because a gas hose burst and got gasoline on him at a convenience store on Genesee Street, and the business won’t replace his clothes.

• On East Grand Road, a woman reported that she was leaving for work and one of the neighbor’s chickens had escaped and was in her yard. The owner claimed the chicken matter is settled.

• About half a dozen men on Garden Village Drive were reportedly smoking marijuana and calling the complainant a “cop caller” and “devil worshiper.” The complainant said this is an ongoing problem.

Total Calls Received: 167

Sunday, Oct. 15

• A cash box from a burglary was found lying in Dingens Street. The box was recovered and brought to headquarters to be placed into evidence.

• A female complainant said a watch and earrings were taken from her hotel room on Buell Avenue while she was attending a wedding. A reported was filed for grand larceny.

• Multiple residents on Carol Drive reported hearing gunshots, which were determined to be fireworks. A male neighbor was strongly advised.

Total Calls Received: 141

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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