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2017-08-17 / Police Blotter

Lloyd Drive caller claims hot dog argument led to threats involving fork, grill

Monday, Aug. 7

• A group of youths were jumping off of a garage onto cars on East End Avenue. A police report was filed for criminal mischief.

• An Ivanhoe Road resident told police his neighbor was in front of his house yelling. The complainant was reportedly intoxicated, so dispatch said it was difficult to get additional information from him. He also told police the incident was a continuation from previous neighbor disputes. Both parties were advised.

• A Constance Lane resident found an iPad in the street in front of her house.

Total Calls Received: 192

Tuesday, Aug. 8

• A Penwood Drive resident told police his neighbor ran over his tools with a lawnmower. The neighbor also called police, saying that the original complainant was yelling and swearing at him. Both parties were separated and advised.

• Police received a call from a Union Road gas station employee who said a customer with plastic for a rear window drove off without paying for $41.50 worth of gas.

• A Lloyd Drive caller told police another person at the location held a fork toward the complainant like a weapon and threatened the complainant with a hot grill. Police said the incident stemmed from an argument about a hot dog. All parties were advised.

Total Calls Received: 186

Wednesday, Aug. 9

• Police received a call from Walden Avenue that a contractor filled his dump truck with diesel fuel that was leaking all over the road. Police were unable to locate the truck but said there was not any evidence that there had been a leak.

• Police received a call from an Isabelle Road resident who said his mother told him someone blew up his mailbox. The mother heard a bang around 2 a.m. and found the mailbox in pieces later.

• A Huth Road resident told police her son’s car had been egged twice during the week. A checkpoint was requested.

Total Calls Received: 190

Thursday, Aug. 10

• A Poinciana Parkway caller told police he thought the neighbors in the lower apartment were throwing out his mail. He was advised.

• A Mildred Drive resident told police his neighbor took two plants off his porch to water them, and he did not think he would get them back. Police said the complainant was the problem. He was advised.

• A Cayuga Creek Road caller told police she saw a large fire while driving over the Henry Street bridge. Police located the fire and advised the people, who said they would put it out.

Total Calls Received: 185

Friday, Aug. 11

• A Maryvale Drive resident called police to report that someone had shot a pellet or BB through the front window. Police said the damage was actually from a rock that had been kicked up by a neighbor’s lawnmower. The resident was advised.

• A Towers Boulevard caller told police a group of men were following him and trying to fight him. Everyone was advised.

Total Calls Received: 176

Saturday, Aug. 12

• Police received a call that a man with no pants was lying on the sidewalk near a Thruway Plaza Drive bus stop. Police said the man checked out and that he was just waiting for a bus.

• A Merrymont Road resident wanted police to check the area for people throwing eggs at houses. Police could not locate anyone.

• An East Mayberry Drive resident told police someone threw several items, including a timer with names on it, onto the lawn. The resident said similar occurrences had happened in the past. A police report was filed, and the items were brought to police headquarters as evidence.

Total Calls Received: 157

Sunday, Aug. 13

• Police received a call from a Clinton Street fast food restaurant about a man on a skateboard harassing people. According to the caller, the man tried to grab an employee through the drive-thru window and then started harassing the customers and employees. Police checked the area but were unable to find the man.

• An intoxicated man fell asleep on a Town Park picnic table. Police advised him to leave the park, and he complied.

• A man was arrested at a Walden Avenue business after reportedly trying to pass a counterfeit $50 bill.

• A Borden Road caller told police a white pickup occupied by two people had been parked outside for a few minutes, and several cars had been coming and going from the location all day. The caller felt some sort of drug deal was happening. Police said it was a family picking up their children.

Total Calls Received: 165

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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