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2012-02-16 / Local News

Lee Street to get sewer system upgrades

Lancaster-Depew Editor

Residents of the Lee Street neighborhood have been complaining for years that when heavy rains come, they have to contend with flooding in their basements and damaged property.

Village officials plan to alleviate those problems by installing a new storm sewer and sanitary sewer pipes. The work is expected to begin this year, according to Village Engineer Curt Krempa. Lee Street is located on the Cheektowaga side of Transit Road, between Rehm Road and Airview Terrace.

He recommended the upgrades to the Village Board at its meeting on Monday. The recommendations came out of a study commissioned by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

The cost of the project is estimated at $3.4 million. Construction documents are being prepared, and the project will be put out to bid in late spring or early summer. The goal is to have construction begin this summer.

Depew has seven sites in which, under severe storm conditions, workers can pump raw sewage into the stormwater system, which winds up in streams, Krempa said.

“The intent of everything is to separate stormwater from sanit ary,” Krempa said.

The sewer upgrades will mitigate the overflows, he said.

“At this site, just given the age of the storm sewer pipes and the sanitary sewer pipes, there’s a lot of leakage,” Krempa said. “The pipes have cracks in them. The joints have opened up.”

The system dates back at least 50 years; Most of the housing stock was built in the 1940s and 1950s, Krempa said.

The sewer replacement should be completed by the end of the year. Affected roads will need to be restored — work that could go into next year, depending on timing, Krempa said.

“When they’re actually doing the pipe replacement people are just going to have to be patient,” he said.

Each of the village’s seven overflows are to be addressed, according to Krempa. After the design process wraps up for Lee Street, the one at Darwin and Argus drives is up next.

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