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2012-02-16 / Local News

Police calls high at Galleria


Shoplifting seemed to be the word of the day Sunday at the Walden Galleria.

Cheektowaga police were called in for support on an unusually high number of thefts, as well as other infractions at the shopping center.

The first call came shortly before 4 p.m. from employees at Hollister, who reported that a suspected shoplifter was fighting with a security guard. According to police records, the shopper, identified as Ebony Wallace, 32, of Cheektowaga, left the mall with stolen merchandise and got into a car. Police pulled over the car on Galleria Drive and found the stolen clothing inside. Police also learned that the suspect had an outstanding warrant in Cheektowaga for petit larceny and marijuana possession.

Wallace was charged withe petit larceny. Her car was towed.

Another call came from employees in Sears, who said they had observed a 14-year-old female take several pairs of jeans into a changing room and leave without them. According to the police report, the female removed the dye tag from the jeans, then concealed four pairs on her before leaving the store. Two pairs of jeans were left in a fitting room. Security located the female and noted she had blue dye on her hands and the tool she used to pry the dye tag off the jeans.

The youth was arrested for petit larceny, possession of burglar tools and criminal mischief.

The same female was additionally charged with criminal possession of stolen property after police officers reportedly found stolen merchandise from Hollister on her.

A third call came from employees at JCPenney about two females allegedly stealing perfume.

Police later identified the two women as Lettie Frazier, 57, and Deshantal Woodard, 37, both of Buffalo.

According to the police report, employees allegedly witnessed Frazier conceal $443 worth of perfume in a bag, while Woodard concealed $408 worth of perfume. The two are accused of then leaving the store. Police arrested them outside and charged the duo with petit larceny.

Woodard was found to have an outstanding warrant in Buffalo, according to Capt. James Speyer.

“That’s unusual to have that many shoplifting calls in one day, especially on a Sunday, Speyer said.

Along with the shoplifting, police received calls for harassment and defaced property.

The harassment call involved a fight inside Aeropostale. According to witnesses, an individual punched an unidentified victim in the face following a verbal argument. The victim was reportedly uninjured but wished to press charges.

Precious Lugo, 17, of Buffalo, was charged with second-degree harassment in that incident.

The defaced property call involved a female mall employee finding that her car had been keyed in the Macy’s parking lot. Mall security and police advised the female that the parking area was not covered by cameras.

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