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2017-02-16 / Editorials

Out of the Past

55 Years Ago
Feb. 22, 1962

KENVILLE BLAZE — Eleven families had to flee their homes when a fire in the Kenville Apartments in Cheektowaga started in one apartment and spread to several others. It was the second such fire in a year, and the Buffalo police arson squad was assisting Cheektowaga police in its investigation.

AIRSTRIP OPPOSITION — Three petitions bearing 640 signatures opposing the building of an airstrip in the Gardenville portion of south Cheektowaga were turned into the Town Clerk’s office.

NEW BOOKKEEPER — Robert Mayborn of South Roycroft Boulevard was named treasurer of the Cleveland Hill School District.

35 Years Ago
Feb. 18, 1982

PARK PROJECTS — The Town Board Parks and Recreation Committee met last week to decide where to trim local parks projects in light of the fact Cheektowaga will not receive a $200,000 federal grant to help with improvement plans.

ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER — “It is easier to prevent crime than to apprehend the violator,” Detective William Fenske of the Cheektowaga Police Department said recently.

With that strategy in mind, the department is in the process of expanding its Neighborhood Watch Program townwide.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS — Gascoigne Industrial Products has moved its North American Corporate headquarters to its Kee Klamp Division facility at 105 Benbro Drive in Cheektowaga. Its headquarters had formerly been located in Toronto.

25 Years Ago
Feb. 20, 1992

HORSING AROUND — Five years ago, Lynn M. Dombrowski, 16, of Cheektowaga began riding horses for a school project. Little did she know that in this time, she would be named National Zone II junior exhibitor of the year in the English pleasure division, and her mount, Senator Ko Ridge, horse of the year.

POLICE PLAN — A five-year police master plan study approved by the Cheektowaga Town Board Tuesday will be completed and filed with officials within 90 days.

Nine Years Ago
Feb. 14, 2008

TOUGH NEGOTIATIONS — Following months of negotiations, developers who are proposing a loft-style hotel to be built on Burgess Boulevard, near Genesee Street, last week agreed to reduce the planned height of the building to six stories.

BROAD BOOK SUPPORT — The Depew School District has a firm estimate on how many students have been given permission to read “Looking for Alaska,” and the numbers show a majority of parents have no problem with the book being part of Depew High School’s curriculum. The coming-of-age novel has drawn criticism from parents and community members because it contains foul language and several passages that describe a sexual act.

One Year Ago
Feb. 18, 2016

CAMPAIGN KICKOFF — James Rogowski, who has served as a Cheektowaga councilman for 12 years, announced that he will be running for the 143rd Assembly District seat during a press conference Feb. 11 at Cheektowaga Central High School.

DIOCESAN AWARD — Resident Jacob Lanning, 17, will be recognized by the Diocese of Buffalo on Feb. 28 with the Manus Christi Award, which is presented by the Department of Youth & Young Adult Ministry of the diocese to graduating seniors to recognize their dedicated ministry.

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