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2017-02-16 / Police Blotter

Cops called as man takes to trees for scavenger hunt

Monday, Feb. 6

• An unknown person was making phone calls falsely reporting that there was an emergency and people were being robbed at Walden Galleria. Police pinged the phone and located it. It turned out to be a demonstration phone in a store. Police said everything was in order, but they were unable to locate the culprit.

• A driver followed another driver to police headquarters, and both motorists wanted to report the other’s driving following an incident on Route 400. Both parties were advised, and police said one party planned to follow up with West Seneca police.

Total Calls Received: 133

Tuesday, Feb. 7

• An employee at a Union Road business told police of arriving at work to find that a car had smashed into a customer’s car, causing it to become lodged in a snowbank in the parking lot. Both cars were towed, and police issued a ticket to the driver at fault.

• A Lordan Drive resident said two men were going door to door and that she was afraid to open the door or look out her window. Police said the men were from a lawn care service company and would be soliciting in the neighborhood for the next few days.

• A Glenwood Court caller told police he thought a moving truck parked at a nearby address was involved in a drug deal. According to the complainant, the truck was there often and he asked police,

“Who can afford to have a U-Haul that much?” The truck was gone when police arrived to look into the complaint.

Total Calls Received: 145

Wednesday, Feb. 8

• A driver at the intersection of Genesee Street and Dick Road told police another driver gave him the finger and mouthed that he was going to kill the complainant. The complainant was advised.

• Police said three men who were related were arguing about political views on Harlem Road. The dispute was settled, and the men were sent on their way.

Total Calls Received: 144

Thursday, Feb. 9

• A Gardenvillage Drive resident told police someone stole her identity and used her name when Buffalo police arrested the individual. The complainant said she went to Buffalo police but “did not get the results she wanted.” She was advised.

• A customer at a Walden Avenue business told police she bought a $50 Wal-Mart gift card online for $30 from someone in Illinois but when she attempted to use the card, there was no balance. She was advised.

Total Calls Received: 132

Friday, Feb. 10

• Police received a call about a man on Allied Drive hiding in the trees and watching a house on an adjacent street. An employee from a nearby business confronted the man, who said he was on a scavenger hunt. The man was advised.

• A Gierlach Street resident told police her roommate’s former girlfriend stole her birth certificate, Social Security card and driver’s license. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 156

Saturday, Feb. 11

• A manager at a Walden Avenue business called police after a customer refused to leave and was asking the manager what the penalties were for having a concealed weapon. Police located the man, who had a pellet gun on him, and advised him that he was barred from the business.

Total Calls Received: 128

Sunday, Feb. 12

• A Union road caller told police he believed his car was shot at the night before on Union Road. A police report was filed.

• A Reiman Street resident told police he suspected one of his neighbors of hacking into computers and pretending to be from the federal government, then asking for money. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 135

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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