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2017-04-20 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Well, Depew, you asked for it, you got it. You wanted to keep the village; now you are going to pay for it. We are going to have to raise taxes this year 5.5 percent, exceeding the tax cap of 1.15 percent. That means you are going to have a tax increase and you won’t get your tax rebate because the village went above the tax cap. Congratulations. You got what you asked for.

.I can’t believe our governor wants to spend $20 million to build a visitor welcome center on Grand Island. Doesn’t he realize Grand Island has two of them? They are called toll booths. Every time I travel into New York, it says “Welcome to New York. Toll booth ahead.”

.I don’t know what all the fuss is about the train station. The best solution would be to put a train station at the old Central Terminal, another on Exchange Street and a third one at Canalside. Three times the number of people would be employed, and people would have a choice as to which station they could go to. If people drive and park, they could use the old Central Terminal; if they take a bus, they could use Exchange Street or Canalside. The best solution is to build three.

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