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2017-05-18 / Police Blotter

Basketball ‘bait’ left for would-be thief

Monday, May 8

• A Beach Road caller told police two men appeared to be stealing the rims off a red sports car. Police said the men were changing a tire and could not get off a lug nut.

• A Lovejoy Street caller told police a woman wearing a red sweatshirt and dark pants was carrying a Chihuahua and stumbling in the middle of the road. The complainant said the woman jumped over a wall, fell, got back up and continued walking. She was gone by the time police arrived.

Total Calls Received: 154

Tuesday, May 9

• A man was escorted out of police headquarters after giving the employees a hard time about traffic records. He was advised. Minutes later, he showed up at Town Hall and was “giving [the] supervisor’s office a hard time.” He was advised to leave the complex and told he would be arrested if he returned.

• Police responded to a report of a man being chased down Barone Circle by another man wearing a USA sweatshirt. The man being chased was allegedly stealing basketballs in the area, and the other man left basketballs out for “bait.” The would-be basketball thief threw the ball at the other man during the chase, and police were unable to locate him.

Total Calls Received: 158

Wednesday, May 10

• Police said a woman at a Union Road business was kicking the restroom door after her boyfriend allegedly got locked inside. Management told the woman to leave, and eventually, the pair left. Police advised the management.

• A Midland Drive caller told police a man at a nearby residence was outside screaming and rolling on the ground. Police said the man was drunk and had fallen. He was advised.

Total Calls Received: 166

Thursday, May 11

• A Claudette Court woman called 911, said she could hear scratching at her back door and hung up. On a follow up call, she said it was her son.

• A woman told police that as she was getting out of her car in a Thruway Plaza Drive parking lot, she hit the car next to her with her door. Although there was no damage, a man in the car got out and started yelling at her. When the woman returned to her car from a store, she discovered the man had apparently keyed her car. She also said the store had the incident on video. A police report was filed for criminal mischief.

Total Calls Received: 150

Friday, May 12

• Police received a complaint that a man was selling beer out of his car on Walden Avenue, but officers were unable to locate the man.

• A Reo Avenue caller told police it appeared that someone had been hiding in the rear yard the night before. The caller found a half-full beer and a pair of broken sunglasses.

• A Glenwood Court resident came home to find a naked person in the driveway. The person ran to a neighbor’s house before fleeing, still naked, north on Glenwood Court.

Total Calls Received: 185

Saturday, May 13

• Two men in a black car shot a woman with a paintball gun on East Delevan Avenue. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 173

Sunday, May 14

• An intoxicated French Road resident told police her upstairs neighbor kicked her door in and threw soda all over her. All parties were advised.

• Police received a call from a Union Road restaurant stating that an intoxicated woman was trying to punch the manager. The woman left before police arrived.

Total Calls Received: 141

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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