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2017-07-13 / Police Blotter

Police get lift for drunk man booted from friend’s vehicle

Monday, July 3

• A woman was pacing back and forth for approximately 45 minutes near police headquarters. When police talked to her, she said she was waiting for her car, which was being repaired across the street.

• Someone broke a shutter and egged a house on Audet Drive. A police report was filed, and the complainant was advised.

• Police received a call about a man with a knife on George Urban Boulevard. Police said there was no cause for the call. The man had a pocket knife attached to his keys.

Total Calls Received: 181

Tuesday, July 4

• A Como Park Boulevard caller told police she heard three explosions so large the ground shook. Police said there was no activity in the area.

• A Carefree Lane resident told police someone entered his house and tried to steal his cat named Sugarbear. He also said people were also looking for his other pet named Krickles the Cat. Both cats were located, and the man was advised.

Total Calls Received: 158

Wednesday, July 5

• A Harlem Road man told police a group of five children stole his bicycle. According to dispatch, the man was yelling at the children, then hung up. Police checked the area but were unable to locate the bike. A police report was filed.

• A Bennett Road resident said someone put a camera on her fence pointing into her yard. It was a dog-barking device. All parties were advised.

Total Calls Received: 191

Thursday, July 6

• Police responded to a report of people on Crocker Street burning a tree. The caller said the flames were 8 to 10 feet high and near other trees. The complainant was advised that there are no open burning laws in the Village of Sloan.

• A caller from an Andrews Avenue residence said bushes were pulled out and left on his girlfriend’s car along with a threatening note from a neighbor. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 200

Friday, July 7

• Police received a call about a former employee “going off on” the manager of a Genesee Street business. The former employee was gone by the time police arrived, but the manager told her she would be arrested if she came back.

Total Calls Received: 187

Saturday, July 8

• A call came from an intoxicated man on William Street who said his friends had kicked him out of the car. He was given a ride home.

• A woman at Walden Galleria told police that after she pulled into a handicapped parking spot, a man began pounding on her car and screaming that she stole his parking spot. The woman said the man might have scratched one of her windows, but mall security said there was no video footage to view for follow-up information.

Total Calls Received: 191

Sunday, July 9

• An East Grand Boulevard resident told police a neighbor threw a hypodermic needle into her yard and said “You are going to pay.” Police said there were longstanding issues between the neighbors. A police report was filed, and police disposed of the needle.

• A woman at a Broadway gas station told police another customer yelled at her and spit on her after she told the man he was parked too close. The man was gone when police arrived.

Total Calls Received: 176

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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