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2017-09-07 / Business

Staff, food and comfort keep customers coming back to Jim’s Family Restaurant


For close to 50 years, Jim’s Family Restaurant at Jim’s Truck Stop has been a welcome respite for truckers, travelers and locals alike.

The restaurant, located at 2125 Walden Avenue, has several advantages that have kept diners coming back for decades. Jim’s is open 24 hours a day, and unlike some other restaurants just off Interstate 90, its menu offers many home-cooked meals, according to General Manager Brian Degan.

“Most of our food’s homemade. It’s home-cooked food,” he said. “It’s not franchise food. It comes in a truck, of course, but we make it here.”

Degan said Jim’s makes a point to cater to potentially weary truck drivers and travelers, offering a game room, television room and showers, in addition to a consistent menu featuring healthy portions, to say the least.

“The portions are bigger than most, and they get a good, hot meal,” Degan said, noting that customer favorites include 1-pound hamburgers, anytime breakfasts and Friday fish fries.

The truck stop is one of the oldest businesses in the Walden area, said Degan, who has worked at Jim’s for 14 years. As such, the restaurant was granted permission to continue to operate a glass-enclosed smoking section. Degan said the section, catered to the passing truck drivers, allows them to avoid smoking in their vehicles or the elements.

While the food and amenities are major draws for customers, Degan pointed to the restaurant’s approximately 30 employees as another reason Jim’s is still going strong.

“I have a good staff. They’re very friendly. My kitchen staff are really good, and that’s a plus,” he said.

Jim’s Family Restaurant’s full menu is available 24 hours a day, and can be viewed online at www.jimstruckplaza.com/restaurant. Visit the website for more information on the restaurant and truck stop or call 683-9931.

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