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2017-09-07 / Police Blotter

Glenwood Court resident finds stolen mail at different door

Monday, Aug. 28

• Police received a call from a Willowlawn Parkway resident who was having a dispute with a neighbor about garbage cans. Police advised both parties to check their property lines.

• A Jeffrey Drive caller told police there had been loud music coming from a nearby residence all day. The resident told police he had fallen asleep with the music playing. The resident turned the music down upon request.

• A Lackawanna Avenue resident told police two men rang her doorbell to tell her the exterior lights were on. She was advised to call police back if they returned.

• A Dean Road resident called police to complain that a neighbor was on her front porch with her bird and dog making too much noise. The call was canceled when the neighbor and her animals went inside.

Total Calls Received: 168

Tuesday, Aug. 29

• A Transit Road caller told police a neighbor tried to run her over with a motorized wheelchair earlier in the day. The caller also said the same neighbor had been gossiping to other neighbors about her. Police advised the woman to call back again when it happens so that officers could respond.

• Police received a call from a Meadowlawn Road resident who said someone opened his gate and drove a dual-tired truck through his yard sometime in the past couple of days. The complainant requested to cancel the call after he found out the truck had been from the electric company.

Total Calls Received: 163

Wednesday, Aug. 30

• Police received a report of a small pickup occupied by a man sitting in front of a Loretto Drive residence for “quite some time.” The man was waiting to purchase a vehicle from the resident of the house.

• A Marne Road resident told police neighbors took her garbage tote and were leaving debris in her driveway from remodeling. She was advised.

• A Chapel Avenue resident told police a man in a green SUV had been driving around blowing his horn for more than an hour. Police said it was part of an ongoing neighbor dispute. Both parties were advised.

Total Calls Received: 171

Thursday, Aug. 31

• A Cass Avenue resident called police to report that a large iguana or possibly a monitor lizard crossed the road and was now in the front yard. Animal control retrieved the lizard and was going to transport it to the SPCA.

• A caller reported a loud basketball game at Kelly Park. However, when police arrived about 20 minutes later, there was no one around.

Total Calls Received: 151

Friday, Sept. 1

• A Calla Way complainant told police she thought a neighbor sprayed water from a hose into her house after a dispute about the neighbor’s dogs.

• Approximately 30 people were playing the mobile game Pok√©mon Go in front of Town Hall. The complainant from the clerk’s office said the group was blocking access to Town Hall. Police advised the people to stay off the sidewalks and away from the front staircase.

Total Calls Received: 183

Saturday, Sept. 2

• A passing motorist on William Street told police there was a man on the ground near a dark sedan. Police checked the area but could not locate the man.

• A Glenwood Court resident told police someone had stolen packages that had been delivered to his house. However, the packages were found at another door.

• A Vernon Drive resident told police someone was driving up and down the street on a dirt bike or motorcycle. The person then pulled into the driveway of house whose residents were out of town, honked the horn, then drove away. Police checked the area and made sure the house was secure.

Total Calls Received: 169

Sunday, Sept. 3

• A Slate Creek Drive resident told police someone had hacked into their Uber account. The complainant planned to call back with information on the suspect.

• A Genesee Street caller told police there was a black, unregistered pickup with illegal license plates in a parking lot behind a bus stop. The caller said he could not explain how he knew the information but told police the truck belonged to someone named Steve. Police spoke to the owner of the pickup, who had permission to park in the lot.

• Police received a call from a Fontaine Drive resident who said someone posted the house for sale on craigslist. The complainant was advised that the house was for sale.

Total Calls Received: 180

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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