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2017-09-14 / Local News

Changes made to New Era Field Uber Zone

Before the Buffalo Bills’ home opener, Pegula Sports and Entertainment announced changes to the recently established Uber Zone for the remainder of the season.

• Uber vehicles will now enter the Uber Zone on Big Tree Road and queue in Rows A, B and C. Deputies will allow Uber drivers through the Abbott/Big Tree intersection only if they have an Uber sticker visible.

• Uber vehicles will exit into the intersection of Abbott and Big Tree and be directed west on Big Tree.

• Drivers waiting to access the Uber Zone can continue to stage along the shoulder of Big Tree facing west.

• Uber is putting out a full call for as many Uber drivers as they can to help transport riders as quickly as possible and keep surge pricing down.

• You can only request a ride from within the Uber Zone, and can only pick up your ride from within the Uber Zone. Uber drivers will communicate via text or call to let riders know their location.

• There will be Uber ambassadors at the Uber Zone during each home game in case riders have any issues or questions.

• Pregame drop-offs cannot happen in any of the paid parking lots. When taking an Uber to the game, riders should set their destination to the Uber Zone for a safe and convenient location.

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