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2017-09-14 / Police Blotter

Woman slays ferret after attack

Monday, Sept. 4

• Police received a call just after midnight from a Shanley Street resident who complained that a neighbor was being too loud while doing construction work. When police responded, the man was actually giving his dog a bath. He was advised and said he would be quieter.

• A Maryvale Drive caller told police about a dozen people were hanging out in the street and not moving for cars. Police said “rain cleared everyone out.”

• A West Gardenville Parkway caller notified police after a customer at a store, who had been driving erratically in the parking lot and then banging on the store’s doors, pried the doors open and came into the store screaming. He left before police arrived, but the complainants wanted the area checked to be sure it was safe to leave.

• Police received a call that around 10 people were fighting outside a William Street bar. According to the call, one man was getting beaten with a garbage can. None of the subjects wanted to pursue the matter, when police arrived.

Total Calls Received: 166

Tuesday, Sept. 5

• A Harlem Road caller told police two men were cutting the door off a tractor-trailer in a parking lot. Police said everything was in order and that one of the men was a truck driver making repairs.

• A Harbour Lane resident told police an unknown man had been calling “every five minutes for the past three days” asking for her husband’s computer. She was advised.

Total Calls Received: 188

Wednesday, Sept. 6

• Police received a report of a man in camouflage sitting on a Walden Avenue curb with his legs in the street. He was gone when police arrived.

• A Woodside Lane caller told police someone in a white pickup was doing burnouts and doughnuts in the circle at the end of the street before taking off in an unknown direction on Borden Road. Police could not locate the truck.

Total Calls Received: 169

Thursday, Sept. 7

• A woman told police she was attacked by a ferret in a Union Road parking lot. She went to the hospital and when police spoke to her there, she told them she killed the ferret with her cane after it attacked her and then brought it with her to the emergency department. A police report was filed.

• Police received a call about a vehicle going the wrong way in a Walden Avenue construction zone. The crew said they had the vehicle stopped, but it was gone when police arrived.

• Officers completing a late-night premises check at Town Park reported “outhouses upright” and an empty park.

Total Calls Received: 171

Friday, Sept. 8

• A Harlem Road caller told police a Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Metro bus was on fire. NFTA workers on the scene said it was a mechanical issue and that there was not a fire.

• A driver on French Road hit a pole while “trying to save his pizza.” A private tow truck responded.

Total Calls Received: 181

Saturday, Sept. 9

• Two people on Harlem Road were fighting over a shopping cart. One person had a baseball bat. A manager of the business broke up the fight, and the men left.

• A guest at a Dingens Street hotel told police she left the room and when she returned, Buffalo Bills tickets had been stolen. The complainant told police she thought the housekeepers took them, but the tickets were found in the room about 10 minutes after she called.

• Police received a report of a car driving around the block on Peoria Avenue for approximately 30 minutes. Police said the driver was killing time while waiting for someone at a nearby residence.

Total Calls Received: 167

Sunday, Sept. 10

• A Harlem Road complainant told police that a woman told the complainant she had his license plate number and would “mess him up” after an earlier traffic incident. A police report was filed.

• A man was arrested for menacing after allegedly threatening employees at a Thruway Plaza Drive business with a screwdriver.

Total Calls Received: 135

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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