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2017-10-12 / Editorials

Out of the Past

55 Years Ago Oct. 17, 1962

HOLD THE LINE — The Cheektowaga Town Board scheduled a public hearing to consider outlawing strikebreakers from entering the town during a strike, as well as prohibit companies from hiring such workers. The City of Buffalo had such a law at the time.

ROTC APPOINTMENT — Louis C. Seelig of Chardon Drive, Cheektowaga, was appointed a staff and platoon sergeant for the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) battle group at Niagara University, based on military and academic achievement.

35 Years Ago Oct. 7, 1982

SWEET SHOP — Niagara Candy and Ice Cream Co. of Buffalo has been granted a rezoning request which will permit it to build an approximately $1.5 million retail and manufacturing outlet in the rear of Airport Plaza.

The new site will enable the company to add 40 employees to its staff of 30, which now operates on Main St., Tim Lyons of Hunt Real Estate Corp., told the Cheektowaga Town Board Monday.

TAX TIME — Under a tentative $22 million budget filed by Supervisor Kenneth J. Meyers last week, Cheektowaga residents will face a $22.56 tax hike in 1983.

25 Years Ago Oct. 15, 1992

NAME YOUR CANDIDATES — The election picture is becoming clearer in Cheektowaga this November, as candidates have been announced.

In state races, incumbent Assemblyman Paul A. Tokasz is seeking re-election on the Democratic and Conservative lines in the 143rd District against Republican candidate Alexandra Cukan, while in the 58th District, State Senator William T. Stachowski will seek re-election as a Democrat and Conservative against Republican hopeful Mark J. Piatkowski.

Nine Years Ago Oct. 2, 2008

ALLEGED ROBBER CAUGHT — Cheektowaga police on Tuesday arrested a 36-year-old Buffalo man in connection with five area robberies, including the Saturday holdup of a Citizens Bank branch on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga.

SPENDING PLAN PROPOSAL — Town Supervisor Mary Holtz presented her 2009 budget proposal to board members Saturday, posting a tax increase of 3.4 percent from the current year.

One Year Ago Oct. 13, 2016

DISSOLUTION FACTS — Wade Beltramo, of the New York Conference of Mayors, spoke with Depew residents on Thursday about the prospect of dissolution. A dissolution vote will take place sometime in January.

Beltramo oversees the legal department for NYCOM but also handles local government structure issues, including dissolving villages, forming villages and chartering cities.

The not-for-profit association represents city and village government throughout the State of New York and provides services to city and village government officials.

CLEVE HILL REPORTS — During the course of the last three years, the Cleveland Hill School District has implemented a rigorous staff development program in three different aspects of the classroom: the curriculum, how to use data to improve and New York State teaching standards.

The major focus of staff development has been implementing a focus on math and English language arts.

Daryl Janus, director of curriculum and assessment and chief information officer, said, “Students can’t get better unless our teachers get better.”

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