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2017-10-12 / Front Page

Village Board says garbage issue being resolved


Trustee Barry Ping informed the community at Tuesday’s Sloan Village Board meeting that the recent issues with garbage cleanup are being taken care of.

Ping said there were recent complaints of mattresses and large items not being taken and cans being left in the street.

“The situation is being handled,” Ping said. “It will be resolved. We had some discussions last week with Modern Disposal, and they assured us it will be taken care of.”

During public comment, a resident brought the trustees’ attention to a mattress being left out, across the street from the Village Hall, and miscellaneous furniture left out by the street.

“We are going to get this resolved,” Ping said. “We called the day they didn’t pick [the mattress] up, and we were assured it would be picked up that day, and it wasn’t. We’ve been in emails and phone calls with them, continuously.”

The board extended the sanitation contract with Modern Disposal, from Nov. 1 of this year, through Oct. 31 of 2018. This is the second, one-year extension since the contract with the company began in 2014. The board will have the opportunity to extend the current contract for one more, one-year extension, next fall.

The cost of the contract tops $206,000 this year, representing a 2 percent increase based on the consumer price index.

In another matter, there was an auction on Sept. 28 to sell vacant and foreclosed properties in the village. According to Trustee Caitlin Carlson, six properties were sold.

“Hopefully we will see some rehabs and maybe resell to new owners,” Carlson said.

Also, Vince Ferraraccio, from code enforcement, reminded residents to change the batteries in their smoke detectors and make sure they have carbon monoxide detectors in their houses.

“The state is requiring now carbon monoxide detectors on every sleeping level,” Ferraraccio said.

“You’re not going to look at it, you’re not going to smell it and you’re not going to see it. You’re just not going to wake up,” he said.

The Village Board will hold its next meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, at Village Hall, 425 Reiman St.

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