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2017-10-12 / Police Blotter

Man alerts police to neighbor ‘blocking access to sidewalk’

Monday, Oct. 2

• The bus company driver alerted police that a group of children were banging on the outside of her bus. She said she did not have time to wait around for the police and the children were giving her attitude. The bus was gone and there were no children on the street when police arrived.

• Police were called to check out a suspicious vehicle on Burke Drive. The caller said the vehicle was parked outside her house and is a continuous problem. She said it may be drug-related.

Total Calls Received: 168

Tuesday, Oct. 3

• A caller on Charnwood Drive said the neighbors were screaming at each other. When the caller asked them to quiet down, the neighbors started yelling at the caller. All were advised.

• Police were called to Harlem Road, where a man reportedly took a woman’s keys and wouldn’t return them.

• Four men were outside the old Walmart garden section. The caller alerted police that they seemed like they were homeless and there was a “bunch of booze and drugs around them.” When police arrived, there were no drugs or alcohol. All were advised and sent on their way.

Total Calls Received: 171

Wednesday, Oct. 4

• The police were called when a silver Yukon was parked in a handicapped parking spot at the library on Harlem Road. The caller said the driver did not look like he needed the space. There was a valid handicapped tag.

• Three men and two women were sent on their way again after they were seen camping outside the old Walmart garden section.

• Police were called to Edgebrook Estates for an argument over handicapped parking. All were advised to stay away from each other.

Total Calls Received: 187

Thursday, Oct. 5

• A call reported a man in a purple polo shirt sitting in a vehicle on Genesee Street for more than an hour. The man told police he was having a “snooze before Toronto.” He was advised.

• A Marilyn Drive resident told police a neighbor woke her and her dog up by revving an all-terrain-vehicle engine.

Total Calls Received: 171

Friday, Oct. 6

• A Jeffrey Drive resident came to police headquarters to report that a neighbor was blocking access to the sidewalk with barrier tape. Police said there was no cause, telling the complainant the neighbor had just had the driveway sealed.

• Police received a call from a Standard Parkway resident who said someone dumped garbage in the front yard. Police also spoke with another nearby resident and advised all parties.

Total Calls Received: 160

Saturday, Oct. 7

• A Lovejoy Street caller told police a red Ford Explorer kept “driving slow past the bar.” Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

• One person was arrested for allegedly passing counterfeit

$50 bills at an Aero Drive business.

• Five people were arrested at a Walden Avenue store after they were allegedly improperly ringing up items at a self-checkout station.

Total Calls Received: 175

Sunday, Oct. 8

• Police advised people at a Transit Road location after a complaint about loud power tools.

• A Linda Drive resident told police that her downstairs neighbor “bangs around the apartment” to “bother them” and “messes with the water pressure” while she is in the shower. When police arrived, the complainant would not answer the door or the phone.

Total Calls Received: 159

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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