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2017-11-09 / Education

Cleve Hill students launch new newspaper through journalism elective


Two months into the fall semester, students in Cleveland Hill High School’s new journalism elective have published the first edition of a new school newspaper, with guidance from English teacher Sarah Krajewski.

Called “The Talon,” and with “news you can sink your claws into,” the paper is entirely student-produced, from its masthead to the last paragraph of advice on its final page.

“The only thing I really did was the formatting,” Krajewski told board members during an update on the elective last week. “They chose their own writing topics. All I said was to start out, connect the Cleveland Hill community in some way. I wanted them to have the free rein to see that ‘this is your paper.’”

Posted on the district’s website, the nine-page first edition of The Talon includes a feature on the high school’s spring musical, interviews with faculty members on last month’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, interviews with local athletes, opinion pieces and original poetry.

It also includes advice for freshmen from upperclassmen and teachers, and Krajewski said students plan to add an advice column in the second edition of The Talon to field student questions.

Christina Mohney and Haley McDougall, two seniors on The Talon’s staff, told school board members they felt the newspaper would help inform and advise Cleveland Hill’s students and serve as a platform for their voices.

Krajewski said to prepare for the first edition of the paper, the 15 students taking the elective have been participating in a number of activities, including analyzing the style and content of articles from national publications such as the New York Times, studying media ethics and balanced reporting, and taking part in writing exercises based on poems, video clips and other material focused on current events.

Krajewski said The Talon is to be a monthly publication, with the next edition scheduled to run Dec. 1.

She said that issue will focus on writing to teach, a concept students are learning about through reading John Green’s new book “Turtles All the Way Down.”

To read the first edition of The Talon, visit the district’s website, www.clevehill.org, and click on the newspaper link under district announcements.

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