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2017-11-09 / Police Blotter

Child dials 911 after learning about it in school

Monday, Oct. 30

• An Edmund Street resident called the police because someone was digging up her front yard, taking out two slabs of concrete. The resident said she thought her sidewalks were fine but the town decided to replace them.

• Police received a 911 hang-up call. When they called back, a man answered the phone but hung up again. A 4-year-old had learned how to dial 911 in school, so he did.

• An Uber driver called the police after he went to pick up two people. He said they became rude and started punching the truck because it smelled like cigarettes. They got into a different Uber vehicle, leaving before police arrived.

• A Lou Drive resident called the police to report suspicious people. Police discovered the report was for two men — trying to spread the word of Jesus.

Total Calls Received: 122

Tuesday, Oct. 31

• Police were called to Kaufman Road, after a report of a group of youths hanging around the corner, being loud. Police spoke with the youths and moved the Halloween party inside.

• A resident of Crandon Boulevard alerted police of a group of teens speeding around the neighborhood. The caller wanted the parents advised of their child’s driving habits.

• A 40-year-old standing on a porch was yelling and swearing at kids in the area, and went in the house shortly after. Police arrived, and the resident was yelling at another adult. All were advised.

Total Calls Received: 144

Wednesday, Nov. 1

• Police were called over an ongoing neighbor dispute on Cannas Court. All kids and parents were advised.

Total Calls Received: 154

Thursday, Nov. 2

• All were advised after tenants in an upper apartment on Yvette Drive were blasting loud music, and yelling racial slurs.

• Police noticed a suspicious person with a vehicle in Town Park. The lovers were advised.

Total Calls Received: 188

Friday, Nov. 3

• A Marne Road resident called the police because people living above her are putting old food in the mailbox. All were advised.

Total Calls Received: 170

Saturday, Nov. 4

• A female on Pine Ridge Road called the police because she was being kicked out of her apartment by the landlord. Both sides were advised of the eviction process, because she doesn’t pay her rent.

Total Calls Received: 133

Sunday, Nov. 5

• A male customer of a William Street business was “tossing stuff around the store” after an employee asked to check his receipt when he took merchandise out the door. All parties were advised. The customer was advised not to return to the store or he would be arrested for trespassing.

• A Pheasant Lane caller told police a mattress was in the road blocking the sewer grate. The Highway Department was notified.

Total Calls Received: 135

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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