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2017-12-07 / Education

JFK High School principal announces retirement

John F. Kennedy High School Principal Kevin Kazmierczak announced he is resigning due to retirement, effective June 30, at Monday’s Cheektowaga-Sloan School District Board of Education meeting.

Kazmierczak wrote about his future in an email to The Bee.

“My immediate plans are to spend time with my wife and family, which includes children in [Western New York] and out of town, as well as my parents, who still live in Cheektowaga,” he wrote.

Additionally, he said he is in the exploratory stages of starting a consulting business to “support new and/or struggling administrators.”

At the meeting, he reflected on his time at Cheektowaga Sloan, which lasted almost a decade.

“It has been a terrific eight years in this district, and I appreciate the support of Superintendent [Andrea] Galenski and the Board of Education,” Kazmierczak said.

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