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2018-01-11 / Front Page

Town agrees to share snowplows with Lackawanna


Don’t be surprised if you see a Town of Cheektowaga snowplow cruising the streets of Lackawanna the next time Western New York gets a blanket of the white stuff.

The board approved a resolution authorizing Supervisor Diane Benczkowski to enter into a shared services agreement with the City of Lackawanna that will allow the city to borrow Cheektowaga’s snowplows throughout the winter.

Lackawanna lacks snowplows and other snow-removal equipment, such as road salters, and Cheektowaga Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner can now loan a town plow equipped with front and side plows and salters to the city, at its request, if Cheektowaga has one to spare.

The agreement was passed unanimously, but not before Councilman Gerald Kaminski questioned whether the agreement had been properly in place a few weeks ago, when a Cheektowaga snowplow helped out in Lackawanna.

“I do believe it was two weeks ago on Saturday one of our plow trucks was plowing Grant Boulevard out in Lackawanna,” he said during Tuesday’s work session. “Why are we plowing their streets, when most of ours weren’t even in that good of shape on an icy Saturday.”

Supervisor Diane Benczkowski said it wasn’t Cheektowaga employees doing the plowing, and Wegner added that Lackawanna employees picked up the equipment, meaning the only work town employees had to do was move the plow across the lot.

Benczkowski said the agreement was informally in place during that weekend, saying that she emailed the board members on Dec. 15 to ask if anyone had a problem with the proposal. The official agreement, she said, was consistent with charges from New York State and Erie County.

“That is what the governor asked for, the county executive [too], to share services, share equipment,” she said, noting that the two municipalities shared equipment during Snowvember in 2014.

The plow was still in Lackawanna, as of Tuesday, and Wegner told the board he would be sure to call the city and get the plow back on Wednesday.

In other matters, the board appointed six new officers to the Cheektowaga Police Department. They were: Sydney E. Dedline, of Buffalo; Robert D. Phelps, of Depew; Adam J. Pijanowski, of Depew; Sidney P. Barrick, of West Seneca; Arthur J. Dietz, of Cheektowaga; and Michael S. Cavanagh, of Cheektowaga.

Chief of Police David Zack said the six were selected from a pool of 70 applicants.

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