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2018-01-11 / Police Blotter

Man meets woman on dating site; woman tries to charge him

Monday, Jan. 1

• Police responded to an ongoing neighbor dispute over snow piles on Lucerne Court. One resident put spikes on the edge of her driveway to prevent a neighbor from putting snow there. The neighbor ran them over. The parties were advised.

• A Cleveland Drive caller reported jewelry stolen during a New Year’s Eve party. A police report was filed.

• A Trent Square resident told police a neighbor threw garbage on her car. Police said the two do not get along and advised the complainant to contact the landlord.

Total Calls Received: 144

Tuesday, Jan. 2

• A Gardenvale Drive resident told police a real estate agent took a diamond ring from the house during a home showing. A police report was filed.

• A McNaughton Avenue resident called police to report that a brick had just been thrown through the front window. The caller did not see anyone and did not know who might have done it. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 209

Wednesday, Jan. 3

• Police received a call from a motorist at the Apple Tree Business Park who said a plow driver forced a vehicle off the road. The caller said the plow driver was “still in the lot yelling and screaming” at the woman. Police said the drivers exchanged insurance information before officers arrived. The plow driver was advised.

• The manager of a Thruway Plaza Drive GameStop told police he received a call from an unknown man who said he was a “man of action” and if he could not get more money for a game that he would “bring others with him to get it.” The manager was advised.

• A Tadio Parkway resident told police a newspaper carrier was speeding in the area and did not stop for a school bus picking children up in the morning. The caller said some parents tried to block the carrier in but she “got mouthy” and left. A checkpoint was requested.

Total Calls Received: 184

Thursday, Jan. 4

• A motorist drove onto a snowbank and got stuck on Harlem Road. The driver was assisted.

• A Williamstowne man told police his neighbor was yelling at his friend and threatened to beat him up. The parties were separated and advised to leave each other alone.

Total Calls Received: 155

Friday, Jan. 5

• A Christmas tree was in the road on East Kensington.

• An intoxicated, anonymous complainant demanded police do their jobs, after he claimed there were people in the basement of a Fath Drive residence smoking marijuana. There was no one smoking marijuana.

Total Calls Received: 152

Saturday, Jan. 6

• The resident of a lower level apartment told police people in the upper apartment were threatening the complainant through the floor. The upper apartment would not answer, and the lower apartment was advised.

• A Walden Avenue caller reported that someone stole his cell phone while he was at work. He told police that 20 minutes later someone tried to have it activated at a nearby Boost Mobile location. A police report was filed.

Total Calls Received: 170

Sunday, Jan. 7

• A man told police he used a dating website to set up a meeting with a woman at a Genesee Street hotel. When he got to the room, the woman tried charging him money for the rendezvous. Everyone was advised.

• A Lobue Lane resident called police to report a tow truck parked nearby that had been running for hours. The owner said it needed to be left on because of the extreme cold.

Total Calls Received: 111

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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