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2018-02-08 / Police Blotter

Harlem Road caller asks colleague to split AAA bill after lockout

Monday, Jan. 29

• A Walden Avenue resident reported to police that the neighbors from the lower apartment come upstairs, bang on the door and scream in her face “over everything.” The complainant alleged that the neighbors “are racist and always intoxicated.” Police advised the complainant.

• A Harlem Road caller told police that the other day, he started his car and left it unattended, blocking another employee’s vehicle. The other employee moved the caller’s car, causing him to join AAA to have his vehicle unlocked. Now, the caller wanted the other employee to pay for half of the AAA membership bill. However, the caller was gone when police responded about 30 minutes later.

Total Calls Received: 139

Tuesday, Jan. 30

• The manager of a Walden Avenue business called police after a black vehicle had been parked in the lot for about an hour and kept changing parking spots. Police said the man was using the Wi-Fi.

• Someone was banging on the door of a Northcrest Avenue residence, and the caller told police there was now a suspicious package on the porch. Police located the box and found a kitten inside with a note that read, “Please take good care of him.” Officers took the kitten to animal control, who took it to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

• A pizza delivery driver called police to report that an Affinity Lane customer paid only part of the bill, then slammed the door in the driver’s face. The customer paid the remainder of the tab, and everyone was advised and satisfied.

Total Calls Received: 158

Wednesday, Jan. 31

• A Century Road caller told police two drivers were pulled over yelling at each other. According to the caller, one driver then got out of his vehicle and started screaming at the other driver. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the vehicles.

• A French Road caller told police he could hear a man and woman arguing and throwing things around in another apartment. It was quiet when police arrived, and the residents told officers they were arguing about a television show. They were advised.

Total Calls Received: 134

Thursday, Feb. 1

• Police received a call that an employee of a Bennett Road business, which had terminated him, was allegedly making threats and walking around the building. Police located the the man and advised him to call for an escort to pick up his final paycheck.

Total Calls Received: 143

Friday, Feb. 2

• An intoxicated man in a Buffalo Bills jacket was refusing to leave a Transit Road business. A taxicab was called for him, and he was sent on his way.

Total Calls Received: 167

Saturday, Feb. 3

• Police received a call that an intoxicated man on Lemans Drive was “banging his shovel, yelling and screaming at the [complainant’s] husband.” Everyone was advised.

• A Walden Galleria store called police after they thought two women were trying to pass a fake $50 bill. However, after inspection, the bill turned out to be real.

Total Calls Received: 123

Sunday, Feb. 4

• Police received a call that two men dressed in matching orange sweatshirts and black pants were harassing the complainant for drugs near the Cheesecake Factory entrance of Walden Galleria. The men then allegedly threw a traffic cone at the complainant and tried to start a fight. The suspects were gone by the time police arrived, and the complainant was advised.

Total Calls Received: 108

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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