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2018-08-16 / Police Blotter

Confused raccoon wears soup can as a hat

Monday, Aug. 6

• A man allegedly threatened to slash another man’s tires and key his car. When police spoke with the subject, he said that he just wanted his shoes back.

• A man reported that his vehicle was taken from Beach Road sometime during the night.

• On West Nantucket Drive, a sick-looking raccoon had a soup can stuck on its head.

• A Jeffrey Drive resident reported that she hung a photo on the wall and her landlord’s wife moved it. The tenant’s shoes also reportedly keep being moved by the woman.

• On French Road, a car fell off a tow truck, striking another vehicle.

Total Calls Received: 231

Tuesday, Aug. 7

• A shirt, socks and a broken cell phone were found on the sidewalk of Cochrane Street.

• A pregnant woman was trying to get a bat out of her home.

• At a Genesee Street gas station, a 12-year-old child locked their parent out of the car and would not allow them back in.

Total Calls Received: 213

Thursday, Aug. 9

• A man reported that people were outside sitting on car hoods on Atlantic Avenue and he found it to be suspicious.

• A woman reported that someone broke all of her flower pots.

• A Union Road business employee reported that there is a customer who always takes Slim Jims when he comes into the store.

• A woman reported that a man tried to run her over with his vehicle on Walden Avenue.

• A hotel manager complained that a guest had not paid and needed to be removed. It was suspected that the room might be in use for prostitution.

Total Calls Received: 202

Friday, Aug. 10

• A vehicle allegedly speeds through the same cemetery every weekday morning and recently nearly hit two workers.

• A Pinehurst Avenue resident reported that someone was ordering items and having them sent to her home, including a sump pump and a power washer.

Total Calls Received: 181

Saturday, Aug. 11

• “Moving road kill” was reported on the north side of William Street. It was a fox.

• A bag with pills and a pair of boxing gloves was found on Genesee Street.

• A man taped a pill bottle to the side of a light pole. An observer thought it was some sort of drug deal. It was part of a scavenger hunt.

• A man reportedly was leaving and returning to a Broadway parking lot and then allegedly defecated in the back of the lot. He may have been doing drugs in the back seat of his vehicle.

Total Calls Received: 216

Sunday, Aug. 12

• On Randolph Avenue, 12 people were fighting in the street. It was three carloads of family members having a disagreement.

• A French Road man said that people from a neighboring apartment are constantly harassing him and that he has video of them throwing berries at his car.

• A railroad tie was found to be on fire.

Total Calls Received: 176

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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