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2018-08-09 / Business

The Fit Physique celebrates 30 years in business


Fit Physique, known for dance and fitness classes for women and dance for children, is celebrating 30 years in business this year and now offers 44 classes.

“When I first started, we only had dance aerobics,” said owner Candace Cavanaugh. “Every year, the fitness and dance industry has changed so much that we have to expand our available classes. Now we offer cheer dance, tap, ballet, jazz, aerobics, weight training and so much more.”

Located at 2827 Delaware Ave., Kenmore, the Fit Physique provides fitness classes, dance classes and circuit training. Cavanaugh said it recently installed a new hardwood floor in the dance studio, which is now available for students. It was closed through Aug. 4.

“In our peak season, which normally is in the fall leading into winter, we have over 400 students, and typical classes range from eight to 10 students,” Cavanaugh said. “Classes can go over 20 students, though, and it has been great to see this place grow over the years.”

Cavanaugh said girls as young as 3 can sign up for classes. It really does include students of all ages, as she has women in their 70s and 80s who are signed up for classes as well.

“We’re so different from other dance and fitness places because we really work hard at keeping this non-intimidating,” Cavanaugh said. “We work with all fitness levels. It’s a family-friendly environment, and with over 400 students, I take pride in getting to know each student’s name and develop that personal relationship.”

The Fit Physique is open Monday through Saturday. Classes run Monday through Friday during the evenings and throughout the day on Saturday. Circuit training is available in the mornings during the week and throughout the day on Saturday.

To learn more about Fit Physique and the class/circuit training schedule, visit www.thefitphysique.net or the Fit Physique Facebook page, or call 961-8765.

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