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2018-08-09 / Editorials

Start pursuing your dreams today

Bee Editorial

Kevin Del Principe is returning to the area from Los Angeles with some impressive accomplishments in his portfolio: starting a production company, finishing principal photography on a feature film and having his first novel published. It’s more or less a homecoming dream.

But if you speak to him about his creative process, he is not shy about admitting that as a child he often felt on the outside of things, and that experience has become a crucial component of the works he creates.

While he might have felt like an outsider, that alone puts him in plenty of company. That is a feeling familiar to countless school-aged people from elementary years right up until graduation day. We’re not necessarily talking about kids who you would notice — young people whose style of dress is outside the box or students who seem isolated. We’re talking about plenty of kids who just haven’t figured out where they fit.

In small communities, it’s sometimes easy to feel pigeonholed or boxed in and long after graduation, people often go off to pursue paths that nobody would have foreseen when they finally overcome the fear of being judged.

It can be challenging, or seemingly impossible as a young person, to delve into pursuits that you worry might not be successful or might bring more attention than desired. Social pressures can make going after your dreams or simply trying something new dreadfully scary at times.

Sometimes it takes leaving home, maybe going to college where you don’t know a soul or moving to a new town, to feel free to be the person you always thought you wanted to be.

Those of us who have tread that path have looked back a time or two and wondered why it took so long. So for young people who are trying to find the road on which they belong, start now. Write the book or the poem or the play that’s just waiting to find its way onto paper. Don’t worry about how people will judge it. Go out for the sports team or the cheerleading squad, or stop playing if it’s not where your passion lies. Don’t worry about what people will think.

Write the song. Run for class office. Pick up the guitar. Paint the picture. Pursue the things that your daydreams are made of.

Failure is tough, and it’s bound to happen a time or two, but even the greats didn’t always hit it big the first time around.

The clock never runs backward, and there’s no better time to start on your path than now.

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