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2018-08-09 / Letters to the Editor

Chris Collins doesn’t listen

Rep. Collins does not represent the citizens of the 27th Congressional District.

Effective, responsible legislation requires listening to the citizens in the district. Rep. Collins supported the Goodlatte bill, which was so extreme, even his own GOP party members wouldn’t support it. Rep. Collins does not listen to his constituents, and this is why we do not have effective immigration policy.

Rep. Collins supports the tariffs against Canada and Mexico imposed under national security threat. This extreme position is one reason why soybean and milk prices are not sustainable for farmers.

Rep. Collins does not listen to his constituents. Rep. Collins does not have town hall meetings with constituents to gather information needed to make informed, effective and responsible legislation.

The 27th Congressional District needs a new congressman. Vote for Nate Mc- Murray this November.

William Fine
County Line Road

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