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2018-08-09 / Police Blotter

Customer ‘over being overcharged’

Monday, July 30

• On Hitchcock Drive, there was reportedly a screaming cockatoo in a driveway. Authorities found the noise to be of a tolerable level.

• A woman was concerned because she could not get in touch with her 80-year-old mother. The mother was watering the flowers.

• A Dick Road business was flooding due to a water main break.

Total complaints: 219

Tuesday, July 31

• At a George Urban Boulevard business, there was a strong odor of gasoline. It was a small leak from a lawnmower.

• Construction was being done on a Dick Road home, but the vehicles were parked in a neighbor’s driveway without permission.

A man allegedly tried to steal an armful of meat, but dropped it after arguing with security.

• A Harlem Road business manager called police because a customer was thought to be using a counterfeit bill. The money was real.

• At a store in the Galleria Mall, two women allegedly stole a large amount of items. One was reportedly wearing a McDonald’s uniform.

Total complaints: 195

Wednesday, Aug. 1

• An individual struck a gas pump at a Union Road station and drove away.

• Four women allegedly left a store without paying for a cart full of plants and construction supplies.

• A Borden Road resident said she gave an individual $3,000 to do some work but that person never showed up for the job.

• A mother from Florida wanted her son checked on because he had dental work done and his father took him to a restaurant afterward.

• A resident reported hearing a dog barking and it sounded in distress. Multiple dogs were in a Fairelm Lane garage with no water.

Total complaints: 200

Thursday, Aug. 2

• On Shanley Street, people threw a drink at a cab driver.

• A man was walking north on Harlem Road and throwing things at traffic.

• An East Mayberry Drive resident was accused of maliciously parking in the street and intentionally occupying two spaces so that a neighbor could not use one.

• Two women were reportedly arguing because one woman allegedly threw beer on the other’s 7-year-old granddaughter.

• A woman reported that an adult had pushed her 3-year-old son while at the mall and hurt him.

• A man lay down to take a nap in the park after having a few beers.

• At a Ludwig Avenue store, a man was arguing with staff, saying he was “over being overcharged.”

Total complaints: 199

Friday, Aug. 3

• A woman reported that her vehicle had been gone through and she was unsure if anything was missing, but vulgar language had been scratched onto it.

• On the Kensington Expressway, a man was allegedly driving recklessly and smoking marijuana in the car.

• In a Galleria Mall store, four females allegedly took an employee’s cellphone from a charger.

• Nearly a dozen unregistered vehicles were in the driveway of an East Delavan Avenue home.

• A male reported that two teenagers want to jump him because they think he blew an airhorn at them.

• A suspicious person turned out to be a Verizon employee checking signal strength in different areas.

• Angry bingo players threatened to harm people in the parking lot of a Cleveland Drive building.

Total complaints: 220

Saturday, Aug. 4

• A man and a woman passed out in a restaurant booth on Union Road.

• A South View Drive resident reported that their lawn had been torn up overnight by bikes or scooters.

• A Steven Drive resident reported that patio chairs were taken off the back porch and that teens were sitting in the wooded area behind their home.

• A man reported that in a parking lot on Walden Avenue, a woman was walking up to cars and had asked him how much he would pay her to be a prostitute.

Total complaints: 189

Sunday, Aug. 5

• A man who passed out while at a red light was allegedly intoxicated.

• On Cass Avenue, a shed that contained gas cans was on fire.

• A person reported leaving keys in the car and that the vehicle had been stolen.

• A person reported that a child had been attacked by a hawk, which then began to fly into the door.

Total complaints: 167

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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