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2018-09-13 / Police Blotter

Woman doesn’t feel well after eating homemade marijuana butter

Monday, Sept. 3

A highly intoxicated man was initially refusing to get a ride home with friends and was attempting to get into his own vehicle with a drink in hand. He eventually took an Uber home.

A man reportedly was passed out in an SUV at a light after having struck and taken down a stop sign and a speed limit sign and striking a tree and a “no parking” sign.

A woman reported that her neighbor left his riding lawn mower on her lawn but she did not ask him to move it because he is crazy.

A truck was parked on the wrong side of the street, and a complainant felt the owner was “snubbing his nose at the law.”

Total complaints: 201

Tuesday, Sept. 4

A man reported that there was a package on his front step that looked to have been opened and retaped. He was worried it was a bomb. The package had just been delivered to the wrong home.

A Community Drive resident reported that the family’s home had been entered during the night and a television was taken. The burglar may have come through the window.

A person reported that someone had used a spare key, which was hidden outside the Liberty Terrace home, to enter the property and steal fentanyl.

A Vern Lane resident said she had a U-Haul, but her landlord was refusing to let her move her belongings out because she had shown up without a pair of sunglasses belonging to the landlord.

A man was sitting outside his vehicle at the police station with tissues up his nose. He was waiting for someone in court.

A Warsaw Street resident reported that a 2-year-old threw mulch on the complainant’s car.

A woman reported that while she was driving, three men in another vehicle were driving circles around her and videotaping her.

A customer was on a bicycle in a drive-thru lane and refusing to leave.

Total complaints: 208

Wednesday, Sept. 5

A man was intoxicated and walking around a different hotel than the one at which he was staying, looking for his room.

Elderly people were playing tennis in Stiglmeier Park and not using foul language.

A woman was allegedly drinking a Coors Light while driving on Transit Road.

A Pinehurst Avenue resident reported that an unknown person had parked a vehicle in the complainant’s yard.

Total complaints: 200

Thursday, Sept. 6

A person reported that a former employee of a business was using previous guests’ credit cards and contacting the manager using false names.

On Jenny Lane, a resident reportedly threw nails into another neighbor’s driveway.

A woman reported that her son’s child’s mother’s stepmother was at her home and she didn’t want her there.

On Union Road, a resident reported that there have been two people outside every night for the last couple of nights and that there has been recent damage to their vehicle. The two people asked the complainant for money and cigarettes.

Total complaints: 213

Friday, Sept. 7

It was reported that a man was sleeping in his vehicle in the middle turning lane on Genesee Street.

On Sandra Drive, a resident put a lock on the neighbor’s fence gate and refused to take it off.

A Marrano Parkway resident was allegedly yelling at a neighbor because the neighbor’s lawn service had cut the lawn over too far.

A woman reported that a bag of videos was taken from her trunk while she was shopping on Walden Avenue.

A loaded firearm was found, wrapped in cloth in the rafters of a garage. The homeowner did not know who it belonged to or how it got there.

A Marie Avenue man said he found a bag of drugs and needles behind his tire while changing it.

The exterior of a Crocker Street home was spray-painted with vulgar language.

Total complaints: 205

Saturday, Sept. 8

On Walden Avenue, a man reported that there was blood on a bench but he was reportedly just so drunk that he was seeing things.

At a French Road business, a woman allegedly bought beer, urinated in the parking lot and then struck a pole with her vehicle.

A woman reportedly used homemade marijuana butter and was feeling ill.

A raccoon was lying in a Messer Avenue driveway, and the resident was afraid of it. The baby raccoon was released back into the wild.

Total complaints: 204

Sunday, Sept. 9

Residents on Euclid Avenue were dancing in the street.

A man reported that he found some video games and a controller, which had been stolen from his house, in a backpack in a bush.

While a mom was doing laundry, an “overactive, too smart 2-year-old got out of the house.”

A person in a lower unit of an apartment reported that it sounded as though a woman was being thrown around upstairs. It was just a woman home alone with a couple of toddlers.

Total complaints: 164

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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