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2018-10-11 / Police Blotter

Woman claims neighbor chucked berries at residence

Monday, Oct. 1

• A female sitting in her car on French Road was waiting for a deer to cross the street.

• On Mildred Drive, a vehicle was scratched up overnight and the seats were slashed.

• At the Walden Galleria Mall, a woman was allegedly trying to return an item without a receipt and was making a scene.

• An employee of a car rental business reached under a seat and was stuck by a hypodermic needle.

• On a bike path, two men reportedly came out of the woods, stared at two women and then turned around and went back into the woods.

Total complaints: 172

Tuesday, Oct. 2

• A white sedan with its lights on had been sitting on Wagner Avenue in Sloan for more than 20 minutes. The occupant was visiting a friend nearby.

• A man said he was kicked out of a Genesee Street bar then called police saying there was another man talking about how he had a gun. Dispatchers said the caller was “barely able to speak.” Police spoke to the bouncer of the bar, who said the first man was kicked out after causing a disturbance, and officers said there was no cause for the call.

• An officer on patrol was flagged down by someone on Marrano Parkway who said two youths without shirts on were pushing a vehicle. Police couldn’t locate the alleged car pushers.

Total complaints: 191

Wednesday, Oct. 3

• A Parkside Circle resident told police that one of her neighbors threw berries at her house, which stained the siding. Police said there was no damage to the property and no proof it was the neighbor. The woman was advised to call back if she had further problems with the neighbor.

• A property with a broken garage door, burned out couch in the driveway and landscaping in disarray was referred to the town building department.

• A Wanda Avenue resident said a neighbor on Reo Drive threatened to kill her dog. The complainant was advised and the neighbor refused to answer the door.

• An employee at a French Road pharmacy wanted to see an officer after someone abandoned a bag of girls’ clothing and toys in their garbage area. The complainant was advised.

• A man reported that he had seen a drug deal and was concerned about one of the people involved because he seemed out of it. The man involved in the drug deal was voluntarily transported to the hospital.

• A person saw a man back into a vehicle. When the witness informed the man that he had hit a car, he said, “It’s fine,” and drove off.

Total complaints: 188

Thursday, Oct. 4

• A large tree branch was blocking the Pine Ridge Road ramp of the eastbound Kensington Expressway. According to the NFTA, a vehicle hit the branch then drove away.

• A Castlewood Drive landlord said a former tenant was refusing to return a garage door opener.

• A Vincent Street resident allegedly received two threatening voicemails. The first said the complainant would have to “dig his own grave” when the caller showed up in the morning. On the second, the caller said she would come to the complainant’s house and “blow his head off with the aid of NYS Troopers.”

Total complaints: 207

Friday, Oct. 5

• A student accidentally broke a school bus window while trying to kill a bee.

• A South Century Road resident alleged that someone dented her hood and poured nail polish on the front of her car.

• A Wainwright Road resident reported a burglary after the garage was broken into and a lawnmower was taken.

• A woman had been drinking at a restaurant and stated she didn’t want to drive home so she was going to sleep in her car in the parking lot for a while.

• A man walked past police headquarters and his head, face and back were covered in blood. He is an employee at a haunted house and was in character.

Total complaints: 210

Saturday, Oct. 6

• Police responded to a fight on East Delavan. One man allegedly grabbed something out of a car and another was allegedly yelling “I want to die.” Police alleged all the men were intoxicated. They were all advised and sent on their way.

Total complaints: 195

Sunday, Oct. 7

• There was a smashed toilet in the middle of Roland Street in Sloan.

• Someone stole all four tires from a Walden Avenue caller’s vehicle.

Total complaints: 144

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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