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2018-11-08 / Police Blotter

Neighborly disharmony breaks out on Harmony

Monday, Oct. 29

• A brown box, which was taped shut, was left on top of a dumpster.

• A child’s bicycle was left out for two weeks. It was mangled and thrown away.

• A Slate Creek Drive resident reported that a man was knocking at the door, saying he had tracked his phone to that apartment.

• Two friends were in an argument about working at the same place.

Total complaints: 202

Tuesday, Oct. 30

• A man got out of a limousine and was allegedly intoxicated, trying to drive and fighting with family and friends as a result. His grandmother picked him up.

• There was a rug in the roadway on Broadway.

• A rental company reported that a truck having been reported stolen in Arizona was on their lot.

• On Harmony Lane, a resident reported that a neighbor was yelling and swearing about an issue involving their children.

• A person allegedly purchased $100 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets with a fake bill.

• An employee of a Union Road business followed people into a parking lot because she felt they were suspicious and said it was protocol to take photos of license plates of people they think might steal someday.

Total complaints: 194

Wednesday, Oct. 31

• A Chihuahua was reportedly on the loose on Crescent Court.

• A woman reported that someone was trying to open a Facebook account in her name, that it had happened before and that she had been locked out of her Facebook and Google accounts.

• A Gaby Lane home was broken into, trashed and burglarized.

• It was reported that a man was peeking around a garage and then ducking away when an elderly couple pulled up. The man was the property owner, and the couple were his grandparents.

• A woman locked herself out of the house with candles burning inside.

• A house on Goering Avenue was egged on Halloween.

Total complaints: 179

Thursday, Nov. 1

• There were too many people in a Slate Creek Drive apartment banging on things.

• At a Transit Road bank, a man was in the parking lot and the vestibule, allegedly yelling at customers and employees.

• A chain saw was stolen at Thruway Plaza.

• A solicitor reportedly gave a resident attitude on Lou Ann Drive.

• Someone threw a Molotov cocktail at an East Delevan Avenue store.

Total complaints: 222

Friday, Nov. 2

• A person was reportedly acting suspiciously in a vehicle. She was just a “Pokemon lady.”

• It was reported that a man and a woman were repeatedly coming into a Transit Road business, smelling like alcohol and yelling and swearing at the staff.

• In Stiglmeier Park, a man was allegedly walking around and exposing himself.

Total complaints: 177

Saturday, Nov. 3

• An unlocked vehicle was entered on Reiman Street. It was not the first occasion that the vehicle was unlocked and entered.

• An unknown individual drove through a fence on Como Park during the night.

• An iPod was stolen from a vehicle on Lackawanna Avenue during the night.

• A vehicle with eyelashes on it was driving down French Road and the occupant was taking pictures of properties.

• A man was verbally abusing customers and employees because a lottery machine ate his $2.

• It was reported that bullets were found in a room on Walden Avenue. There were no bullets but a marijuana grinder shaped like a gun.

• A lawnmower and a snowplow were stolen sometime between last year and the present.

Total complaints: 168

Sunday, Nov. 4

• A cab driver allegedly hit a man with a snow brush.

• Two people fell asleep in a vehicle parked in a handicapped parking space while waiting for their food. Neither individual had a valid license.

• A wallet was stolen from a locked vehicle on Grand Boulevard during the night.

• Two people were allegedly intoxicated, in a car with open beer cans, talking about Jewish people and Donald Trump.

• A 78-year-old woman had uncontrolled bleeding from her foot due to an incident with a power screwdriver.

• A man accidentally shot himself in the leg while trying to show another person how to take a firearm apart.

Total complaints: 144

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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